Win With Phil Promotion Is A Winner!

Win With Phil PromotionBack in March 2010, Callaway Golf and Golfsmith announced a promotion called “Win With Phil“, where anyone who purchased a new Callaway Diablo Edge, FT Tour or FT-iZ driver at a Golfsmith store until April 7, 2010 would get a refund for the driver should Callaway brand ambassador Phil Mickelson win The Masters.

The company had allotted an estimated $1 million for the cause, and took out insurance to ensure against financial loss and fraud. It’s a good thing they did too, because Phil Mickelson won The Masters and now a whole bunch of happy customers are going to want to collect their refunds!

“In addition to wowing the galleries at Augusta for his third Masters Championship, Sunday, Phil Mickelson gave golfers across the country and internationally a great present to start the season,” said Golfsmith President and CEO Marty Hanaka. “Phil’s win is great for the game and wonderful for Golfsmith and our valued retail and online customers.”

“We couldn’t be happier that Phil claimed his third green jacket and that thousands of Golfsmith customers now will start off the season with a new Callaway driver, free of charge,” said Brian Groves, VP of US Marketing, Callaway Golf.  “Callaway drivers are the hottest clubs on the PGA Tour and have already won six tournaments in 2010, including the season’s first Major.”

Between the Win with Phil Promotion and a second Golfsmith offering, Play with Phil promotion, where golfers entered for a chance to play a round of golf with Phil Mickelson, more than 15,000 golfers participated. The winner has not yet been chosen.  For additional details visit www.golfsmith.com.

If you were already in the market for a Callaway driver, the Win With Phil promotion was a no brainer. These kind of promotions have been done before, but this is the first time the golfer involved with the contest actually won, and the company had to make good on it’s promises. Don’t expect a quick payout. I’m estimating it will take Callaway and Golfsmith 6 to 8 weeks to get people their refunds.

For more information about the promotion or how to redeem your entry for a refund, visit Golfsmith’s website here

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