Tweeting, Traveling and Taking a Break


After a short break from posting, I’m ready to get going again with a regular schedule of posts to keep the site fresh! I was in Seattle on business last week, and I was blessed with some very un-Seattle like weather! It was in the mid 80s and sunny every day, except that is, the day I drove downtown to get some nice sunset pics from the Space Needle. The clouds rolled in off the Pacific just in time. Alas, I didn’t bring my golf clubs to partake of the beautiful courses of the Pacific Northwest. Maybe next time.

I used to be a skeptic, but after joining Twitter about a month ago to see what all the fuss is about, I realized it is much more than a simple social networking tool. Twitter is actually a very powerful marketing tool! Since I started following people and being followed by golf related tweeps, I have seen my followers grown to over 100, and the hits on intothegrain.com have followed! Thanks again to everyone for visiting, and follow me on twitter! (@jfduval) Send me a DM if you found me on Twitter and like the site, I need feedback from people. I would love to know what everyone wants to see at intothegrain.com.

My schedule with work and personal life has been busy, and as a result I needed to take a break for a week or so. I didn’t really feel like posting while in Seattle to be honest. I’m in the process of updating my other website – www.your-snapshot.com, to more of a blog style format to allow our customers and fans to interact with us and each other, and keep abreast of upcoming events and photo shoots. Come visit in a few weeks to see the new website!

Not only did I take a break from blogging, but I’m also taking a break from Golf. Every now and then everybody that plays a sport or game with a passion needs to walk away every now and then to refuel and relax. I’ve been playing a lot of golf in the last 18 months, and for the last 9 it’s been pretty mediocre at best by my own (probably unrealistic) standards. When playing golf seems like a chore, it’s time to take a break. Needing to balance my remaining vacation time between family and golf, I’ve decided to clear my tournament schedule and take a 10 day vacation to my home in Quebec in September. That means not playing in a few of the more important tournaments for me, but I probably played too many events at the beginning of the year, leaving less time now.

It will be nice to take a long week break in Canada to spent time with family and friends. I would like to take a month long golf break, but I know that probably won’t happen, given the peer pressure from my golfing buddies. Sometimes it’s nice to sleep in on the weekend instead of getting up early for a tee time. It’s also a plus to have 2 full days to relax on the beach or veg on the couch at home. One of these days I’ll get the bug again and go work on my game, but for now I’m a bit burnt out and need a breather. As for this website, stay tuned for more new stuff!

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