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TRUE Linkswear Golf ShoesSome time last season on the PGA Tour, I spied Ryan Moore wearing some funky looking shoes on the golf course. They didn’t look at all like your typical wingtip or saddle type golf shoe. They looked more like mocasins or slippers. After doing a bit of research, I found out that he was wearing shoes from a new company called TRUE Linkswear. I reached out to the company and was able to get a pair of my own for review.

Being a golf blogger means I end up with lots of equipment and accessories laying around. It also means that I have more golf shoes than regular shoes. After a year of testing just about every type and style of golf shoes on the market, I keep going back to just 2 pairs of shoes for my every day play. My “Tenny” shoes from Kikkor Golf, and the TRUE Tour from TRUE Linkswear . Now that I think of it, The TRUE Linkswear shoes aren’t just the most comfortable golf shoes I own, they may be the most comfortable shoes I own period!

TRUE Linkswear makes shoes that are designed to work with your body and be super comfortable. While most shoe companies design a shoe from the top down using other shoes as a model, TRUE Linkswear builds them from the ground up, using the human foot as their inspiration. They have come up with a shoe that sits very low to the ground (10mm) and is very light weight. The result is a super comfortable shoe that provides ample traction and allows the player to really feel the ground beneath him at all times.

TRUE Tour ShoesAs someone that enjoys walking when possible, these are the perfect shoe. Because they are built so low to the ground and the toe box is so wide, they are a joy to walk with and the spikeless soles provide a great combination of traction and comfort. Because they are spikeless I usually just wear them right out of the house which saves me time in the parking lot of the golf course. Walking a few holes in these is like walking around the back yard with slippers on.

While the styling certainly isn’t classic in terms of traditional golf shoes, they aren’t ugly, and there are several color combos available for all tastes. Still, some people will prefer to stick with the old school golf shoes with firm soles and stiffer leather uppers. While I don’t have an issue with stability, some people might find these shoes aren’t up to par with traditional golf shoes for stability. That will depend on the player and your particular swing.

Since I got these shoes, I’ve gone virtually 100% spikeless when I play golf. I alternate between the TRUE Tour, Ecco Streets that Fred Couples made famous and my Kikkors. Only occasionally do I bring out my traditional Ecco World Class GTX golf shoes. Overall, the TRUE Linkswear line of shoes are must-haves for anyone that wants premium, well built, walking shoes for golf. Anyone that struggles with their golf shoes being uncomfortable or too narrow will definitely want to try these.

Look for new and improved styles with even better traction and comfort for 2012. See the entire line at http://www.truelinkswear.com

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3 thoughts on “TRUE Linkswear Golf Shoes

  • I wholeheartedly agree with your review of these shoes. I walk our local course, Storey Creek, located on Vancouver Island 10 months of the year and I never reach for any of my other golf shoes any more. My True Tours are THAT COMFORTABLE!

    I’m really looking forward to trying out this year’s PHX, as I think they’ll look much better but hopefully perform as well.

    Because of the rain we can get here, waterproof shoes are key and the True’s have been bone-dry and non-slip in every situation. I also believe my putting has improved as a result.

    I just can’t say enough about the True line of shoes and look forward to seeing them evolve over the next few years.

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