Top 5 UK Golf Courses

Woodhall SpaThere are thousands of golf courses in the UK, meaning that no matter where you live you will always be within a short distance of somewhere good to play. Occasionally, good is not enough: you want the best. And we don’t blame you. That’s why we’ve created this list of the top 5 UK golf courses, so you don’t have to.

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Woodhall Spa (Hotchkin), Lincolnshire

The Hotchkin Course is in impeccable condition, with a stunning landscape of majestic trees, rich heather and gorse. Visuals aside, the course is challenging due to its tight fairways, rough and giant sized bunkers. The clubhouse offers great facilities and magnificent catering for afterwards.

St Andrews (Old), Fife

Scotland’s finest, St Andrews old course is rich in history as one of the oldest golf courses in the world, and the course where ladies golf began. Its 17th hole, the Road Hole, is one of the most famous holes in the world. The course itself is challenging, with various humps, bunkers and ripples hidden among the great expanse of land. St Andrews is a course to be played at least once, preferably more.

Royal Birkdale, Merseyside

Royal Birkdale has a rich noble history and has hosted many championships in the past. Each hole runs through stunning landscapes of sand dunes and heather, and the course itself is extremely challenging due to tight fairways, deep bunkers, rough greens and sea gathered wind. The course itself is in excellent condition and each hole is varied, suiting the course to all players.

Royal Birkdale is famous for hosting many championships and its stunning course. Navigating through sand dunes, heather, narrow fairways and rough in the blustering wind is no easy feat, making the course challenging but rewarding for players of all abilities. The course is kept pristine, providing a gorgeous view for dining in the clubhouse.

Royal County Down, Newcastle, NI

Set in the Murlough Nature Reserve, the scenery surrounding Royal Country Down is breath taking. Towering over stands the Mourne Mountains, while the fairways are lined with purple heather and golden gorse. The course is challenging, demanding great accuracy and strategy, or perhaps just a caddie’s knowledge.

Murfield Golf Club, East Lothian

Murfield is a world famous golf course, known for hosting major championships both nationally and internationally. Unlike traditional links courses, Murfield routes around a hill, giving little protection from the Scottish weather. The course is tough, but good shots are rewarded fairly. Both the course and the clubhouse are immaculately kept.

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  • If I want the best – I guess I have got a busy few summers ahead of me! Experiencing new golf courses is the best thing about playing golf. Each course has its own persona…a persona you may well play on or play bad on…

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