Titleist Launches 915 Driver, Fairways & Hybrids

Titleist 915 Driver, Fairways & HybridsTitleist fans, the long awaited day has finally arrived. The new 915 driver, fairways and hybrids have been launched, and they are sure to bring a smile to your face. It is well known that Titleist only introduces new clubs about every two years, focusing on measured improvements and quality rather than marketing and sales volume. Titleist is also one of the few companies that has a very strong green-grass presence, meaning they can be found in most golf course pro shops. The new clubs should be available in pro shops starting on November 14, 2014.


  • 915D2 Driver – 460cc full pear shaped head designed for maximum forgiveness and a slight draw bias.
  • 915D3 Driver – 440cc pear shape for workability and 250 rpm less spin than the 915D2 for a flatter peak trajectory.
  • 915F Fairways & 915H Hybrids – larger profile for all-around performance and maximum forgiveness
  • 915Fd Fairways and 915 Hd Hybrids – Smaller head shapes for workability and forgiveness with a slightly lower launch and spin.

In other words, the 915D2 driver, 915F & 915H are for everyone, and the 915D3, 915Fd & 915 Hd are for the better players.


  • The 915 drivers feature the new Active Recoil Channel (ARC), which is a long and deep sole channel that flexes at impact to launch the ball off the face with higher speed and less spin. It is similar in design and concept to the slots found on Nike, Taylor Made and Adams woods.
  • The Radial Speed Face is a forged face insert with thinner perimeter in the heel and toe which works with the ARC to increase ball speeds on off-center hits.
  • All the woods have a high-MOI design with a low, deep center of gravity that gives you forgiveness and stability for more consistent distance, even on off-center hits.
  • The new woods also retain the SUREFIT hosel that allows the loft and lie to be adjusted independently of each other for a more precise fit.


  • The 915D2 Driver is available in 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degree lofts. 915D3 is available in 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 lofts.
  • 915D2 and 915D3 Driver stock shafts are Aldila Rogue Black 70 (mid-launch), Aldila Rogue Silver 60 (lower mid-launch), Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White 70 (low launch), Mitsubishi Diamana D+ Blue 60 (mid launch) and Mitsubishi Diamana D+ Red 50 (high launch)
  • 915F features a full pear profile (175cc) for maximum forgiveness. The large profile provides confidence and produces a slightly higher flight versus the 915Fd. It is offered in five lofts (13.5º, 15º, 16.5º, 18º and 21º), including a new high-lofted 16.5º 3-metal and new 18º 5-metal.
  • 915Fd, with its traditional pear profile (160cc), is workable and forgiving. The compact profile delivers slightly lower launch and spin versus 915F. 915Fd is available in 13.5º and 15º lofts.
  • The stock fairway shaft lineup includes the Aldila Rogue Black 80 (mid-launch) and Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White 80 (low launch), Mitsubishi Diamana D+ Blue 70 (mid launch), Mitsubishi Diamana D+ Red 60 (high launch).
  • 915H has a subtle pear profile (118cc) that provides confidence at address. The fuller, rounder profile delivers maximum forgiveness and slightly higher launch and spin versus Hd. 915H is available in 18º, 21º, 24º and 27º lofts.
  • 915Hd is a slightly offset, small pear (107cc) that delivers distance with shot control through a flatter trajectory and less spin (about 120 rpm) versus the H. 915Hd is offered in 17.5º, 20.5º and 23.5º lofts.
  • The stock hybrid shaft lineup includes the Aldila Rogue Black 85 (mid-launch) and Mitsubishi Diamana D+ White 90 (low launch), Mitsubishi Diamana D+ Blue 70 (mid launch), Mitsubishi Diamana D+ Red 60 (high launch).


Enough tech-talk, let’s see some more pictures. Lots of pictures!

915 Drivers

 915 Fairways

915 Hybrids

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