Spring 2012 New Product Showcase

Spring is fast approaching, and those who live in a cold-weather place are probably itching to get out and play golf again! There are tons of new products coming out this year and it promises to be an exciting year for golf. With the new season on its way, here are just a few products that caught our eye.

golfbuddyvoiceGolf Buddy Voice
The Golf Buddy Voice is a golf GPS that speaks to you. Simply clip the tiny unit on your hat, push the button and it will speak out the yardage to the front, middle and back of the green. It comes pre-loaded with a ridiculous amount of golf courses and even detects which course you are playing automatically.

Tattoo Golf OB ShirtTattoo Golf Clothing & Accessories
Tattoo Golf makes cool shirts with patterns inspired by tattoos. The shirts feature skulls and crossed golf clubs, dragons and other cool designs. Tattoo Golf’s accessories also garner attention, with the ultra-slick switchblade style divot tool being a very popular item. Check out their full line at Tattoogolf.com.

Wilson DuoWilson Duo Golf Balls
Remember the days of the old balata golf balls that felt like marshmallows? Wilson Golf is doing its best to bring that feel back with the Duo golf ball. Claiming the ball has a compression rating around 40, this is one of, if not the softest golf ball on the market. Bouncing the ball on the pavement may give some clue, as the ball hardly makes a sound compared to most modern golf balls. For slower swing speeds and those looking for a super soft feel around the greens, the Wilson Duo is a must have.

Nike VR_S DriverNike VR_S Family of Clubs
Nike is all about speed with the new VR_S line of clubs for 2012. Replacing the popular MachSpeed line, the VR_S Driver features Nike’s ST8 Fit adjustable hosel system, a 55 gram premium Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki shaft, and Nike’s NexCOR technology, which creates faster balls speeds all over the face of the club for greater distance on mishits. The clubs looks sharp and are designed for more distance. Look for a full review soon right here!

Super Stroke SplashSuper Stroke Splash Putter Grips
SuperStroke grips started to catch on a few years ago when KJ Choi used one of the original models on the PGA Tour to help quiet his hands while putting. Several more players on tour are also using them, as as the tour goes, the consumer market goes. Parent company TigerShark is introducing a new line of putter grips for 2012 called the Super Stroke Splash with pastel colors and various sizes and weights. I’m a big fan of the Super Stroke Ultra Slim myself. Check them out and maybe they’ll help your putting too!

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