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Hello friends! My little web dynasty started last year with the creation of my photo e-business site (your-snapshot.com) and the early sales were very good even without having done any local advertising.

Despite the saturation of golf related fan sites and blogs out there, the very early success of my new golf blog (www.intothegrain.com) has been beyond my expectations given the little time I have invested in getting started, and I will continue to expand it as I can.

I have now decided to broaden my web influence to a niche that desperately needs a good site – Tennis! I have scoured the web for a good tennis blog and cannot find more than a half dozen or so. There are a handful of sites that provide reviews of equipment and such, but offer little in the way of news and opinions. Taking the lessons I’ve learned in the first 4 months at intothegrain.com, I’m launching TENNISWRX.COM! (Pronounced “tennis works”) I will offer tips, reviews, news and opinions on the world of tennis, as well as Video tips and drills to improve your game, interviews and guest writers.

I think TENNISWRX.COM has the potential to become the number one tennis fan site on the web, and you can help me by helping me choose my logo! Pick your favorite logo from the ones below and leave a comment with your choice using the “Leave a Reply” link at the bottom of the page. If I pick the one you selected I’ll send you a t-shirt when I get things up and running. Thanks for your help!

Logo #1:

logo design

Logo #2:

create logo

Logo #3:


Logo #4:

website design

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