Gimmeclubs.com – Club Sharing For Traveling Golfers

www.gimmeclubs.comIn recent years we’ve seen a huge boom in ride-sharing companies like Uber, Lyft and a few others that let regular folks like you and me use your car in your spare time to offer people rides for money. It’s like a taxi company with a diverse fleet and direct to consumer payment system. The idea has spawned similar business models for home sharing vacationers with services like Airbnb where people can turn their extra bedrooms into a hotel or rent their entire home to travelers, and spinlister.com for bicycle sharing.


Now that peer-to-peer sharing concept is coming to golf with www.gimmeclubs.com. Gimmeclubs.com is an online marketplace for golfers to rent out their golf clubs to others that don’t have any or may not want to travel with their clubs. Unless you play golf seven days a week, chances are your clubs sit in the house or garage collecting dust for most of the week. Why not let them make money for you by renting them out?

How many times have you played golf with rental clubs? At most courses the rental club offerings are underwhelming, beat up and poorly fit to most golfers. What if you had an option to pick your rental set from a wide variety of local golfers that take care of their sticks? That’s the allure of a system like gimmeclubs.com. The concept is still in the concept stage, but the founder plans to go live in the coming months (late 2014)

So How Does It Work?

Gimmeclubs.com will be the hub that connects golfers with each other to rent clubs or make their clubs available for rent. The lister will set up a page for their clubs with pictures and descriptions, and they name their own price for rental, with gimmeclubs.com taking a percentage as the middle man. The lister can even set up a calendar of days that their clubs are available and unavailable.

Renters can search for clubs using parameters like location, brand, shaft flex and shaft type and can send messages to the renters to make arrangements. Rentals can be daily or weekly and the renter accepts responsibility for the clubs while they have them. Damages to the set will be paid for by the credit card on file, and gimmeclubs.com will also provide insurance to cover damage up to $2500.

Using a review system to rate your experience from both sides of the transaction helps to keep things honest and ensure the best possible results for future transactions. As a bonus, you can earn a free sleeve of Titleist golf balls for every five referrals.

Who Is This For?

GimmeClubs.com can be a great way for casual golfers to make a few extra bucks while their clubs sit idle, and if you are like me and have several extra sets laying around, why not have them making money for you instead of collecting dust in the garage?

For travelers, you can save time and money by leaving your clubs at home on your next trip. Baggage fees are going up and golf travel cases are a pain to drag around the airport. If you could find a good quality, properly fit set of clubs to rent at your destination, wouldn’t that be the better option? The money you spend to rent clubs will be offset by the savings in baggage fees and less hassle when traveling.

Log on to www.gimmeclubs.com and sign up! The next time you travel to central Florida, I’ll be happy to rent you my clubs!

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