GAME GOLF Launches New Tracking App

GAME GOLF Tracking AppOne of our favorite golf gadgets – GAME GOLF – is getting a new mobile app! The popular game tracking device functions by using GPS and sensors in each club to collect information about every shot you take on the course and present the player with detailed statistics about their game after the round. Now, the new app will allow golfers to collect the same stats as the current wearable device and access the GAME GOLF platform in real-time, for free.

The App provides golfers with an aerial view of each hole, distances to key locations using the GPS Rangefinder feature, and the ability to “tag” each shot by selecting the club used.  You’ll be able to see greens in regulation, fairways hit, scrambling percentage, putts per hole, club distances and more. Golfers can view their platform profile and data on their mobile device or at GAMEGOLF.com.

The GAME GOLF tracking app is available for free in the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Store.


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