Biion Builds a Better Golf Shoe

Biion FootwearSince taking up golf in the early 1990’s, I’ve tried on a lot of different golf shoes. In fact, my golf shoe collection is getting a bit ridiculous with over two dozen pairs and counting. However, I have only three or four favorites that I wear consistently. The rest only come out once in a while, usually to match a particular outfit. You may not always play your best, but you can always look your best!

Now that Canadian company Biion has bust onto the scene, my favorites list is very likely to grow. I first met the folks behind this company a few years ago at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, but their presence at the 2016 show really made waves, and they’ve been riding that wave all summer.

Biion makes golf & lifestyle shoes from an elastomeric polymer material called Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA). This smooth, flexible rubbery material is perfect for shoes, because it flexes with your feet as you walk, provides ample cushioning and feels soft on your skin. EVA is commonly used as padding in all kinds of athletic gear like ski boots, hockey pads and bike saddles.

Biion’s shoes have a honeycomb shaped cleat on the sole that provides solid traction on the golf course, but these shoes are just as happy pulling double duty being worn around town. They can be worn with or without socks,a s the soft EVA is gentle on your feet. With over 40 models to choose from, there’s surely a style or pattern you’ll love.

I got a few pairs to try out, and the first thing I like about them is that I don’t have to wear socks. They fit perfectly and flex with my foot as I walk. The EVA material doesn’t breathe like a textile, but the holes in the shoe provide some ventilation for your feet. Obviously these shoes aren’t waterproof, but at the same time they’ll never get stinky and moldy like regular shoes can get. If you play golf early in the morning you’ll pick up plenty of dew and grass clippings, but I simply hose them off and wipe them dry.

I’ve grown to love these shoes. I can throw them on in the morning without socks, play golf in them and wear them everywhere else. I’ve even worn them to the office for a change of pace. They’re easy to maintain and look great. While the price (around $100 USD) is a little steep in my opinion, I can see these shoes lasting longer than traditional shoes.

If you want to make a statement on the golf course, country club, the marina or just around town, take a look at Biion and their cool, comfortable shoes. If you are anything like me, you’ll end up with a few pairs in your closet.

2 thoughts on “Biion Builds a Better Golf Shoe

  • Emilia

    These are some great tips, and I appreciate your advice to avoid raising your head too soon when swinging. I recently started playing golf because my in-laws love the sport, but I’m not great at it yet, and I want to improve. I think I keep looking up too quickly to see where my shot went, so I’ll definitely try to resist doing that to improve my swing. Thanks for the great post!

  • Scott Cole

    Very cool. One of the big issues I have with playing golf these days, even while riding a cart, is that I have arthritis in both feet. Regular golf shoes just don’t cut it any more. These shoes look very cool and comfortable, so I look forward to checking them out.

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