Good evening! I just wanted to stop in and say hi to everyone. Welcome to intothegrain.com! As with most other bloggers, this is a part time thing for me. It’s taken a relatively short amount of time to get this site off the ground, and with a bit of time and luck we’ll build it up to a great site with info you can’t get anywhere else. I have a great vision for my little corner of the web, and with everyone’s help we’ll make it happen!

I’m busy getting ready for a state level tournament coming up this weekend and I’ll be writing about my experience next week. In addition to that I’ll include a review of the historic and classic venue. Just a hint – It was desgined by Donald Ross and opened in 1925. I’ll also include a review of my new driver: A Titleist 909D2. Club tests are great in normal conditions, but this club will be put to the test in tournament conditions! We’ll see how she does.

Stay tuned!

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