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Tiger Woods Speaks – Watch The Video!

Tiger Woods apologizes to the world on Feb 19, 2010There is no doubt that the statement Tiger Woods read to the world on Feb 19, 2010 will be replayed, analyzed, critisized, praised and more for the coming weeks or months. It may even go down in sports history as the turning point in a fall from grace, or a new start to a career that has become larger than life. Only time will tell. If you want to revisit the video of Tiger’s apology, here it is!

On a more comedic note, former porn star Joslyn James called press conference immediatly after Tiger’s to demand a direct apology. Now, this strikes me as increadibly selfish and very “hollywood”. Not to mention that I think it absolutely hilarious that a porn star would fall in love with Tiger while having an affair! Hello Joslyn, wake up and smell the latex! Enjoy the video:

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2 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Speaks – Watch The Video!

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  • what the hell happened to Joslyn James? She looks like garbage. I guess most porn stars do when they’re not all done up, but man she looks like sh*t here.

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