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NEWS FLASH – Norman, Evert say they have separated

ALeqM5iaDn4RkchePCvLsepFhUnMl5NMygJust three days before Greg Norman will lead the International squad in the President’s Cup, he has announced he and Chris Evert have separated. There is no word as of yet if a divorce is forthcoming. In a statement, the couple said only, “We will remain friends and supportive of one another’s family.” The statement said they requested privacy for them and their families.

This announcement comes as a bit of a shock for many golf fans, as it seemed as though the couple were very happy together. They were married on June 28,2008 in the Bahamas. About a month later Norman made a run at the British Open before falling back on the final 9 holes, finishing in a tie for third.

This announcement was made perhaps in anticipation of the media questioning Evert’s absence at the President’s Cup, but will likely be the main focus of the press when Norman holds his first press conference on Tuesday morning.

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