Ben Crane – The Entertainer

Ben CraneBen Crane has been a PGA Tour pro for 9 years, and in that time has won three times and amassed career earnings of almost $14 million. He is known as one of the friendliest and most approachable figures on tour and is well liked by his peers and fans. between the ropes however, he is a serious competitor and appears almost stoic in his demeanor at times. He has also developed a reputation for slow play. In one well known incident where Ben was playing particularly slow, his frustrated playing partner Rory Sabbatini marched ahead of the group and played out of turn.

Despite the negative press he gets for slow play, he is great with his fans and charity and he has one heck of a sense of humor. Ben has recently started releasing videos of himself that are hilarious. Whether done in an attempt to change his public image or just for fun, they are quite entertaining and goofy and you are sure to laugh. I have put together all his videos, including a few out-takes for your viewing pleasure…

Ben Crane – On Working Out

Ben Crane On His Pre Round Routine

Ben Crane Confronts His Slow Play Critics

Out-Takes – Workout

Out-Takes – Pre Round

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One thought on “Ben Crane – The Entertainer

  • I appreciate what Ben is trying to do as he has rightfully gotten negative press for being slow, but these videos make him look like a goof. The Golf Channel and Mark Rolfing in particular were all over him at Kapaula talking about his friendly personality and it has continued throughout the first four months of the season. TGC has aired his youtube clips but it just doesn’t seem like people have fully embraced him and become true fans.

    He plays a solid game and I would rather root for him because of that, not some silly videos that try to shed his slow player image.

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