Battle Of The Golf Blogs 2011 – Sneak Peak

Falcon's Fire Golf Club - Orlando, FLEvery year, the PGA of America holds its annual trade show for the golf industry to meet and do business. Golf companies from all over the world are there to display their products and services, and PGA Professionals, golf buyers and media are there to look for deals and to find the next big thing.

I have attended the PGA Show for over 10 years as a buyer; someone who is there to purchase product for a golf course pro-shop or retail store. During that time my focus was on the equipment and accessories, and that was pretty much it. Over the past few years as a golf blogger I attend with a media badge, and the reception I get from companies is a little different. My focus has also switched to cover most of the show, including apparel, training aids and services.

I have made lots of friends and contacts in the golf media world over the past few years, and I look forward to seeing those people every year. A few years ago, a few of my fellow bloggers got together for a friendly golf match on the final day of the show. Tony Korologos from www.thegolfspace.com and www.hookedongolfblog.com and Dave Lair from www.orlandogolfblgogger.com played a round at Falcon’s Fire Golf Club for bragging rights. Tony won the first encounter.

Last year I was invited to participate. It was a cold, miserable day and Tony and I were unable to overcome the weather and the number of shots we had to give Dave. He took home the dollar and bragging rights fair and square, although I was able to win the lefty challenge where I played head-to-head against Dave on hole #16 with his own clubs. (He’s a lefty, I’m a righty) I won the hole with a left handed sand save for par.

This year, the friendly round at Falcon’s Fire became known as the Battle Of The Golf Blogs, and we also added another participant to the mix. Joining us this year was Rob Hayashida from www.sandbox8.com. Being from the Mid-West and having not played in several months, Rob’s golf swing had (in his own words) more rust than a Ford Pinto and he struggled. Founding member Tony Korologos was also unable to play, due to an unfortunate skiing accident, but he was there with all his camera gear snapping pictures, taking video and he has come up with a fantastic video trailer for the BOGB 2011. Taking his place to round out the foursome was my friend Lindsay, who may have to start a golf blog of his own to secure an invite to next year’s event!

Please take a few minutes to visit everyone’s websites – they all do a great job. Check out the trailer below, and look for coverage and the full length video very soon right here!

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