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Asher Golf - "Birdy"Golf gloves and other accessories like tees and ball markers don’t excite me very much. I recently reviewed some golf tees from Evolve Golf, and while the product was very good and I recommend them, it was hard to get excited about reviewing such a product. Normally I would feel the same way about gloves. A golf glove is something we take for granted. They are usually all wrinkled up in a ball at the bottom of our golf bags and generally neglected. I have spent most of my playing career without using a glove, and have yet to see a golf glove that is worth a second look… until I saw the product line from Asher Golf that is! Asher Golf’s founder James Roundy has created a line of gloves that has brought some character and life back to a segment of the golf market that was in desperate need of it. Finally, people that enjoy adding a bit of color and attitude to their round of golf can add Asher Gloves to their list of game day must-haves.

Asher Golf - "Eye Candy"Asher has plenty of designs to choose from, starting with a basic, more conservative design called the Birdy. It has a white Cabretta leather upper and black leather palm, with a stretchy bit of lycra over the knuckles for a perfect fit. They also offer a version of the same glove made with Cooltech synthetic leather for better performance in hot weather. The Birdy glove would stack up against any glove on the market in my eyes, and I’m sure the folks at Asher would agree.

Asher really starts to separate themselves from the pack with their more playful designs, like the Deathgrip, Eye candy, One Glove and Camo models. The Camo model, as the name implies, sports a camouflage pattern on the top of the hand and is available in three colors – Lime, Snow and Urban. The Eye Candy model sports a psychedelic candy colored pattern that will likely appeal to the ladies out there.

Asher Golf - "One Glove"Next, the One Glove model was inspired by the colors of the Jamaican flag – Green, Yellow and Red. The name of the glove is a play on words referring to the famous Bob Marley tune “One Love”, and their slogan promoting the glove is “One World. One Love. One Glove.” This glove is sure to stick out in the crowd of otherwise bland and colorless golf gloves in play at courses everywhere, as will the next model, called the Deathgrip.

The Deathgrip is a black glove sporting the bone pattern of a skeleton on the hand and a skull in the palm. Anybody who has ever seen or dressed up as a skeleton for Halloween knows what I’m talking about. The Deathgrip is my favorite design, simply because it’s so unique and fun. I got many comments about it too, mostly good. My only complaint with it is that the skull pattern in the palm area wears off fast because of the placement, which has it rubbing against the butt end of the golf club. I suppose it’s unavoidable, but it’s merely cosmetic and doesn’t take away from the performance and comfort of the gloves in any way.

Asher Golf - "Deathgrip"One of the things I love about writing a golf blog is discovering new products and companies like Asher golf. These small, homegrown companies are usually run by innovative and passionate people, and Asher is no exception. If you are looking for a cool glove that will help you stick out in a crowd, or just a more comfortable alternative to the boring old offerings, give Asher gloves a try. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. If you are Christmas shopping you can also take advantage of Asher’s 2010 clearance sale and save up to 50%. For more pictures and info on Asher Golf, visit their website at http://www.ashergolf.com or become a fan on Facebook, and tell them intothegrain.com sent you!

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