A Golf Dress by Kinona

KIONA Dress to Win Golf DressA Golf Dress? Wow. WOW. The Dress to Win Golf Dress from Kinona Sport hits all the markers for a wardrobe from the fairways to the sidewalk cafes.

I do a lot of online shopping, and when I received the Dress to Win Golf Dress in the mail I was struck by how tiny the mailing package was, which meant that this dress would pack great into the carry-on I needed to take with me that upcoming weekend. A quick wash and hang dry presented me with a bright blue flowing golf dress. I loved the color blocking and darts for a fit and flare silhouette.

A quick cool iron over the hem and I was ready… For Golf? Yeah, but I could pair it with heeled sandals and I’ve got dinner covered as well.

Within the package were some incredible breezy Kinona [panties]. They felt like nothing and in the Florida 95+ temperatures that was appreciated. My dress slipped on and I discovered roomy pockets WITH TEE SLOTS!! Genius! Onto my local course for my tee time.

During play I noticed how the golf dress moved with me, the material stretching and returning to shape and I didn’t feel the dress raise up during my backswing. The UV protection helped to keep my skin cool underneath, even though I was hitting out of the bunkers several times.

I believe the only thing I would change about the Dress to Win Golf Dress is that the dress was too long for me. I am a small person, reaching barely 5’ 2” and the dress came down to my knees and this was not a flattering look for me. The dress was a size Small, but perhaps adding a size of Small Petite would take care of those height-challenge women such as myself.

Overall I am very intrigued about the Kinona styles and the thoughtfulness of weaving into the fabric the UV protection.

Go to https://kinonasport.com for more information and to buy online.

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  • Perry Wright

    Nice Dress. Good Article

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